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N2K to NMEA-0183 messages

What N2K messages are transmitted on the 0183 output? Are they tailorable in content and/or data rate?

The default translations between N2K and 0183 are listed on the announcement page:

There is a way to toggle these off by “groups” (ie. AIS messages, GPS messages, Wind messages, etc.) via the web interface on the FloatHub device itself. Documentation is still a little sparse on that, but will improve soon. Essentially you set a flag for the group either on or off. And there is a flag for each direction. For example, you can have Depth related data on the 0183 forwarded to N2K, but not forward N2K depth data to the 0183 side.

There is no way to toggle individual sentence types on and off.

Also, there is no way to rate limit frequencies, but the system is designed to not overload the 0183 bus (i.e. if it is set to forward N2K GPS message to 0183, it does not send every N2K update, but only sends related 0183 messages once per second).