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My FloatHub's lights are all green, so why is no data appearing on the website?

If your network (and GPS) LED indicator light is green, that means your floathub has a “Public” WiFi connection to the internet. If no data is appearing on your account at the FloatHub website, these are the most likely causes:

  1. Your FloatHub Account ID or Security key is wrong. They may be set to the factory default values, or there may be a typo. Note that the Account ID is case sensitive, so AAAAAAAA is not the same ID as aaaaaaaa.
  2. The “Public” Wifi you are connected to is not, in turn, connected to the internet. You can check this by joining the same network on another device (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) and checking to see if you can reach publicly accessible internet sites (e.g.
  3. There is a captive portal or other authorization screen configured for the “public” WiFi connection. Unfortunately, there is no automated way for FloatHub to navigate past these sorts of dialogs. It may be possible to contact the network administrator for the WiFi connection and ask them to add an exception for your FloatHub device. We can assist in providing the low level network identifier for your FloatHub (i.e. MAC address) if the network administrator requests it.