Uploading from kplex

are there any details, etc, about uploading to floathub from another source? a raspberry pi, for example?

There is a spec that describes exactly how messages need to be formatted:


So as long as you were following that specification, it should be possible to upload from a different source. As long as you have an account (even a free one) on FloatHub.com, you could use the FloatHub ID and Secruity Key to mark up the messages as per the spec. They would then need to go to the default server (fdr.floathub.net) at the default port (50003).

We’d be happy to set up a sandbox server partitioned off from the main production systems if you’d like to experiment a little with the prortocol.

excellent, thank you, I would like that.

I understand you sell a product that does this already, but since there are people like me who like to dabble with programming on raspberry pi’s, etc, it could be interesting to have other input sources from opensource setups.


Very good. We will spin something up and let you know. Probably take a couple of days.

Ok, we have set up a sandbox server at:


The web page above will show the most recent connections to the server and whether it was able to decode FHS sentences into FHA/FHB/etc. plaintext. The sandbox code is hardwired to understand the following Device ID and Security Key pairs:

sandbox0 00000000000000000000000000000000

sandbox1 01010101010101010101010101010101

sandbox2 02020202020202020202020202020202

sandbox3 03030303030303030303030303030303

sandbox4 04040404040404040404040404040404

sandbox5 05050505050505050505050505050505

sandbox6 06060606060606060606060606060606

sandbox7 07070707070707070707070707070707

sandbox8 08080808080808080808080808080808

sandbox9 09090909090909090909090909090909

The server is listening on:


Are you in touch with Keith Young/stripydog, the author of kplex? We’re somewhat familiar with the project (as users, not developers). Please let us know if anything isn’t working or there’s another way we could help out.

ok, I’m sending, but not specifically formatting per the language specified. I’m sending nmea0183. is there any backend on the server that recodes that?

I’m not in touch with him, but I’m using kplex to send. I’m looking deeper into the code of that to authenticate with the security you have lain out above. will take some days of poking.

I’m also using AIS Reporter to send.

We don’t have any facility that receives raw NMEA, no, as NMEA includes no security, no identifying info, and no timestamping. The right answer might be a standalone application that receives NMEA from kplex, timestamps it, wraps with account info, and sends to floathub.com. Sort of a soft device (instead of a physical one). Logic would be a bit complicated for pumps, and there are many things which could not be supported with NMEA-0183. But location, certainly, wind info, depth, etc., that could all be done purely in software consuming a NMEA stream in realtime.

We have released an initial version of software that does this (monitor NMEA stream from something like kplex and send it up to FloatHub’s servers). Please see:


for more details.