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Site stopped updating - known issue?

My FH has been working for almost 2 years…checked that my plan is current…I can hit the FH device web page on my boat’s WiFi …but nothing seems to be getting pushed to the FH site. My other connected devices (Victron Cerbo and Wallas furnace) are pushing out successfully. I notice a small red counter in the lower right corner of the site’s graphical area, currently showing 11 days and counting.

Is this a known issue?

Sorry for the delay in responding to this.

No known sitewide issue, will have a look at data logs from your device at our end and get back to you shortly.

For anyone else reading this later, we are waiting on confirmation that this might be related to the user’s FloatHub ID and/or Security Key being reset.

More info on debugging issues when your device lights are green but no data is appearing on the website is available here:

Sorry - I missed following up on this - but yes, it was missing my FH info (had been reset to factoryx)

Thanks for the follow up, glad to hear it’s resolved :slight_smile: