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Sharing ALL Trip information?

I’m back from an overnight to Port Ludlow, the trip “completed” and I see it…and the data looks good. I’d like to share it with my WhispetJet peeps and I created the link, but it only shows the map and track. Would it be hard to have a view that showed ALL of the data? I’m really just thinking of the Speed/Distance and Weather (the temp isn’t very accurate since it’s buried in my helm) and I don’t have Pumps hooked up, nor do I think Voltage is particularly interesting. But the Speed/Distance data tells its own story.

The only way (currently) to see other data in the trip share is via the info window pop up. That shows (textually) all the data, but not in graph/plot form. We have experimented with sharing plots and other views, but don’t have anything ready for use yet. If there is wider interest in prioritizing richer share options, please let us know.

Well…speaking for just the Speed / Distance, I do now see a “download plot as png” option, so I suppose I could download that and embed it in an email - but that png image is all I’m really looking to share - how about a link in the popup (FloatHub Trip) to that .png file?

You can certainly email the PNG around (or the excel spreadsheet version of the trip, which includes all raw data and plots on different tabs). But the link to that “download” icon is dynamic, and can only be accessed when logged into your account (so it would not work for other uses from the share link).

I figured as much - but what I think I’m asking is…when I create a “share”, that the corresponding Speed/Distance .png be created - and a link added to the popup. :slight_smile:

Right, understood. We will keep noodling on that.

Cool - thanks for listening.