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Push NMEA data to Floathub web site?

Is it possible to configure - and push - NMEA data to the Flooathub web site?

It’s not (currently) possible to just forward all raw NMEA data, no. But you can see the most recent summary data here:

At the bottom, it will show your most recent status (FHA) updates.

We’d consider adding raw NEMA forwarding (like the device does with AIS sentences), but can you let us know more details about what you’re hoping to do with the data?

That debug is interesting! My particular use case is that I’d like to forward out temperature and RH data from N2K sensors in my cabin, engine room, and stern area. Ideally I’d have the same display as the one coming from the FH unit itself which isn’t that useful since it sits inside the helm console. Simplest case, maybe I could rejigger a set of sensors to override the built-in ones.

Ok, understood, and makes sense. Only way you could accomplish that right now would be to have some other N2K - NMEA-0183 adapter in place that could read in the N2K sensors and translate them into XDR sentences, but even then you could only monitor a single extra temperature given the current FloatHub firmware.

The “right” answer is probably to wait for our N2K compatible version to come out; we have a bench testing version of that running now, likely into beta testing this year.

A more involved answer would be to start with something like sfh (, write your own logic to monitor the other temperatures, and then push that up to us with some new markup indicating temperature types, etc.

Nice to hear you’re coming out with an N2K version. Will it be another Kickstarter?

Many of the components are the same, so no need for a KickStarter to cover new molds or other large ticket items. Still early stages, but looking good so far in initial testing.

I actually do have a translation device - I installed a Rosepoint NEMO to generate the 0183 to talk to FH (and connect to my laptop). So…I think you’re saying that I could overwrite the XDR - except XDR is not mentioned in the User Manual or the Communications Protocol so I could really use a pointer. :slight_smile:

We looked at this last night. Assuming you don’t have another device already transmitting water temperature, you might be able to take the incoming N2K data and write it out as an MTW (not an XDR). More info on MTW is here:

Not sure the Rosepoint could actually do this, as it is highly irregular, but might be possible. FloatHub website would then record it, plot it, let you set alerts around it, etc.

Well…I actually DO have water temperature as well. So let’s go with THAT for a moment - you said FH would record it, plot it…how would I enable that? I’m not seeing anything in the web UI along those lines.

Assuming your water temp transducer is N2K, you would need to make sure the Rosepoint is converting that to an 0183 MTW sentence.

It may be the case that your sensor is outputting XDR rather than MTW, but the Rosepoint may be able to convert that from XDR to MTW (they are two different ways to output water temperature). If you have a laptop connected to the Rosepoint, you can troubleshoot by looking at the converted NMEA stream and looking for lines that have MTW or XDR near the beginning of the line (it sometimes helps to temporarily turn off other systems to reduce the volume of messages while debugging).

We had a quick look at your data stream this morning, and the only NMEA-IN data we are currently seeing from you is magnetic heading. That is presumably being translated by the Rosepoint from N2K to 0183 (assuming your electronic compass is N2K).