Password reset problems

Hi there

when i do not use Float Hub for a month or so it is very difficult to log back in.

When I do a password reset I get the message 404 page not found and password reset on the same page. I wonder which it is? An error on the password reset or it is reset? Why no second password input to check i put it in correctly?

How long does it take for the email to be verified?

In all a frustrating repeat process sadly.

I am using firefox for a browser.


We will have a look and update you shortly. The 404 is certainly a bug; may take us a day or so the debug. Thanks for the feedback.

Ok able to log on now with user name, had been using password before

Very good. We will let you know once we’ve sorted the issues.

Just an update; think we have determined what is causing this. We are now working on a fix and will then deploy. Should have another update later today or tomorrow.

This should now be resolved. If you (or anyone) are still having any issues with:

  • password resets
  • site errors after a password reset

Please let us know via e-mail or on the forums. Thanks again for the great debugging feedback.