No communication alarm

I setup an alert for Connectivity if it is lost for more than 5 minutes, and I get an alarm every day even though my device is never disconnected. Is it re-firing from the original time it had no connectivity, and how do I reset it?

Good question. When a vessel is stationary, FloatHub only sends an update every 10 minutes (if you’re moving over 1/4 knot, it sends an update every 30 seconds). In that sense, you are getting the exact right alert (since your vessel has not been heard from in more than 5 minutes).

So the short answer is to probably to set the minimum time to something over 10 minutes, and you should not get an alert unless it really can’t get through.

The better answer is we should enforce 15 minutes as the lowest enterable value on the interface. We’ve just put it on our To-Do list.

Thanks! I set mine to 20 minutes just to be safe!