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NMEA2000 Version

I would like to get wind data to my Floathub. All of my instruments are currently getting data from my NMEA2000 network. Before I purchase a 2000->0183 converter, I thought I would check to see if there are any plans for a version of Floathub with built in NMEA2000. Thanks!

Thanks for the question. We do have an N2K version in the works, but it is still at least several months away from commercial availability. We’re not at a point where we can guarantee a delivery date quite yet, but late 2020 is a reasonable estimate at this point.

Hello, I too am interested in an N2k version for integration with the rest of my boat’s network. Do you have an update on expected timing of that? Thank you!

We are still actively working on the N2K version. Slightly delayed by some supply chain issues, but this (and development of our app) remain our main area of focus right now.