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New Feature: Trips

In the 11 months since we shipped our first FloatHub, the number one user request has been a way to easily look back at past boat trips. Users have repeatedly asked for a mechanism to review trips in depth, including the ability to download data in formats that can be used with other software and devices.

We are very pleased to announce “Trips”, a new feature on The Trips system automatically monitors your vessel and detects when it leaves its dock, mooring, or anchorage. The system then stores all data related to that trip until either the vessel returns to its starting point or remains stationary for 48 hours at another location.

By grouping all of this data into a unified collection, we make it available to users to explore in a number of different ways. First they can play back location data to see exact position, course, speed, etc. at any point in the trip:


Users can also look at time-series plots of any of their data feeds over exactly the same period. These data plots can be zoomed and panned with just a mouse click, so you can drill down to a particular part of the trip and see every bit of detail:


If your FloatHub device is connected to a wind instrument, you get an automatic wind rose that shows the direction and strength of the wind over the entire voyage:


And if you have a depth sounder connected, you also get all you depth readings in a 3 dimensional plot:


Downloading Data in Other Formats

You also have the ability to download all the data related your trip in Keyhole Markup Language (KML) format. This can be read by Google Earth to play back your voyage with all the related feeds included (depth, speed, etc.):


And you can also get the raw data in both Excel and CSV formats where you can examine it in a spreadsheet:



The Trips interface is available now for all FloatHub users. Although we have tested the system both internally and with a beta group of users, it is still a new system. We expect issues and bugs to creep up, and would be grateful, as always, for user feedback. We also welcome suggestions for improvements and extensions.

Service Level and Trip History Availability

We’ve gone back over every user’s historic data and produced a trip history. Basic users (i.e. non-paid FloatHub accounts) will always be able to review their most recent trip. Enhanced Monthly users will be able to review all Trips within the last year. Enhanced Annual users will be able to review all Trips since their FloatHub device was first activated.

I love the Trips feature, but the algorithm isn’t working well for me: “…until either the vessel returns to its starting point or remains stationary for 48 hours at another location.”

I get a fair amount of jumping around because my boat is under cover, but in my experience “returns to starting point” is not being used and I have to wait 48 hours for the Trip to complete. I would like to share the Trip sooner - my kids do a lot of social media…streaming videos…and it would be handy to have that before having to wait 2 full days.

Interesting, and good point about immediacy. We’ll have a look at your logs and see why you’re not getting faster “return to starting point” trip results.

We can see the issue here. With the spidering in your GPS fix, sometimes the starting point for the trip get sets sufficiently far away from your actual home point that you never get “home”. Right way to solve this is with better smoothing, but we have a temporary change in place that might help cases such as yours while we work on a better smoothing algorithm (and better outlier removal).

Thanks again for the feedback.

Do Trips disappear after a period? Like a year? I just went back looking for a trip from a little over a year ago and…they’re all gone.

Trip history depends on your Enhanced Monitoring level:

Short version is that they roll off after a year for Monthly but are always available for Annual. If you need access to a particular trip though, just ask and we can always send you the spreadsheet/download version of anything on an ad hoc basis.

If you are already Annual and can’t see past 1 year on trips, please let us know.

One other thing to watch out for is that if you have previously edited a trip to mark it as ignored, the only way to see those is to tick this box:


and then search for the trip by name (or leave the search bard blank to show all) and hit enter.

My plan is Annual - I chose that specifically so I would have perpetual history. And looking at my paper log…the trip I was looking for was from before I activated my FloatHub - guess you can’t do anything about THAT :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately the current version of the software is unable to travel backwards in time :slight_smile:

But we are working on it …