New Feature: Soft FloatHub

A number of users who already have small computers running on board their vessels have asked us if there is some way to use FloatHub’s remote monitoring system without having to purchase and install an actual FloatHub device. We are pleased to announce the availability of a purely software implementation of much of the functionality of a physical FloatHub. Of course you’ll need some source of NMEA data on board, and a network connection to transmit the data to FloatHub. Note that there is no facility for monitoring actual voltage levels (i.e. batteries, chargers, pumps, etc.). But location, wind and sea state, weather, etc. can all be relayed as long the data is available from onboard NMEA sources.

More details are available in the README at the software’s repository:


The software is available for download now at the above repository. We will continue to update it on a rolling basis and may move to a more formal release process in the future.


This is an open source project and the software is available under an MIT License.

More information

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments.