New Feature: Sharing Your Boat's Current Status

Based on extensive user feedback and requests, we have recently updated the FloatHub website with some substantial sharing improvements. If you elect to turn this feature on, you can then embed a widget that shows the current status of your vessel in other websites. You will also receive a URL that you can send to others that will let them see the same information.

You can enable this functionality via the Sharing section of your account:

As long as the option is ticked on, you can copy the related embeds and link. As with all FloatHub settings, you must click “Save” for any changes to take effect. Note that while this option is enabled, the current status of your vessel can be viewed by anyone who has your Link or embed URL. They will not need any FloatHub account, username, password, or other credentials.

The Sharing Link

The link item is a short URL that you can email, text, or otherwise share with other people. It will allow anyone with the URL to see current data about your vessel. For example, to see data about the FloatHub demo vessel, you can click on this link:


If you have a blog or other website, you can embed a widget that shows the current status of your vessel right in that site. For example, this is the embed link that shows the current status of the FloatHub demo vessel:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

We have added this exact embed to this article immediately below. Note that the embed is live; you can interact with the map and information display, and the display will update as new live data arrives.


This feature is live and available to all users on the FloatHub website (in the Sharing Settings section). Users with a free/basic account will see location and orientation information about their vessel on the embedded site. Enhanced users will see all available data plus AIS and other FloatHub vessels in their vicinity (only those who have explicitly elected to share their FloatHub data via embedding).