New Feature: AIS Relaying

Based on extensive feedback from our users, we’ve added a new feature to FloatHub called AIS Relaying. If your boat has a source of AIS data (such as a standalone transponder, AIS VHF, etc.), you can now automatically relay that data to your account at You’ll be able to see all data sent from your AIS source in the main FloatHub interface.

Relaying to other AIS Sites

You can also automatically relay AIS data to other sites such as and Using the new sharing settings at:

It is possible to forward your data to these sites. You can even e-mail us a custom IP address and port number and that will appear as a location you can forward AIS data to:

In the same sharing settings, you can decide if you’d like the AIS data you forward to be visible to other FloatHub users. We encourage you to do so, as the more information everyone shares, the better informed all users will be about the number and state of other vessels in their vicinity.

Connecting up your AIS Source

To get started, simply connect the output of AIS source to the high speed data input of your FloatHub.


If you have multiple high speed data talkers on your vessel and want FloatHub to be able to read data from all of them, you will need a multiplexer upstream to combine the various sources into a single output.


This new feature is already included in the firmware of all currently shipping devices. If you have an older FloatHub device, we are happy to ship you a new one with this latest firmware. Your package will contain a return mailer to send back your original device. You will need to reconfigure the replacement device with your FloatHub ID, Security Key, and any local public WiFi settings. Please contact us to initiate this complimentary upgrade procedure.

More Information

We will post more information about AIS Relaying in the coming days, especially several FAQs with technical details.