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Network outages

Is there a section we can look to see Floathub network status? My yacht is on the water full time. Whenever i get a network alarm, i send someone to check on the yacht. I get messages to say there is no communication, even though there are two green LEDs on the Floathub unit.

My unit has been out again for over four hours…local area network is okay.

Confirmed. We had an overnight outage at our hosting platform (AWS). It’s the second time this has occurred in the last year, so are going to be paying more attention to how to handle this.

We are looking at a number of options, including a completely redundant system on another cloud provider, a network status page that you can check, or automatic alerting (suspend normal connectivity checking, but alert users that there is a system outage and that normal alerting will not be available for some time).

Any luck with this as yet?

As we have had no further system outages, this has slipped down the priority list a little.

The best proxy for this is to go to the main FloatHub interface (log in), and zoom out to a global view. If you see no vessels or only yellow vessels, that means there is almost certainly a network wide issue.

The reason this works is that the non-yellow vessels are AIS targets reported by FloatHub devices (and selected by their users as publicly shareable). This data expires very quickly, so will cease to appear after only a few minutes of any FloatHub network outage. You have to go out to a fairly wide (global view) because a significant majority of our users have not elected to make this data public.