List of NMEA 0183 sentences supported?

Do you have a full list of all of the NMEA 0183 sentences that FloatHub can consume and support? I have an upstream gateway that the FloatHub is connected to, and I need to define which sentences can be sent through. Right now, I have the usual basic ones such as wind, depth, and a few others, but I’d like to send the max amount of data to the FloatHub to take advantage of all features!


The list of NMEA sentences that FloatHub natively consumes is:

  • GGA - GPS Latitude, Longitude, and Precision
  • RMC - GPS Date/Time, Speed Over Ground, Course Over Ground
  • DBT - Water Depth
  • DPT - Water Depth
  • MTW - Water Temperature
  • VHW - Speed Through Water
  • MWV - Wind Speed and Angle (Relative)
  • MWD - Wind Speed and Direction
  • HDG - Heading (True and Magnetic)
  • HDM - Heading (Magnetic)
  • HDT - Heading (True)

But note that it will repeat all valid NMEA sentences over WiFi (as a NMEA to WiFi gateway) and will relay all AIS sentence types (both for consumption at and for relaying to other AIS sites).

Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any other questions.

Perfect! I’ve turned all of those on out of my gateway. Since I have to define them individually, I wanted to make sure I was sending as much data as possible.