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FloatHub and cellular carriers 3G phaseout

What will be the impact of the planned end to 3G service in 2022 on the FloatHubs with 3G cellular modems? Is there an upgrade path?

For users in North America, where current plans call for 3G to be phased out by the major carriers in 2022, we do have an upgrade path available.

We can swap out a 3G subsystem for an LTE one at a cost of $99. It does require you to send the unit in to us, but turnaround time will generally be very quick. This is not yet listed on our store as we are still some finalizing some internal processes to support this, but if you contact us directly we can already handle these upgrades on an ad hoc basis.

Also useful to point out that cellular units that do not have mobile coverage are still fully functional over WiFi. So if there is another source of network connectivity on board (or nearby) that can provide a WiFi connection, that may be a preferred option for some users.

Would you consider an upgrade path from 3G to NTE + N2K for, say, $149?

Having just officially launched the N2K units we don’t yet have a formal upgrade path in place. But we will likely announce some kind of policy in the next few weeks.