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Connection device - account

After upgrading the firmware of my floathub the device doesn’t seem to be connected to the web account anymore. The device is lighting up green on both LED’s, but the web-dashboard is showing “3 days since update” in the little status area. (See photo).

I have taken a dump of the device - pasted here. Maybe this helps in the suggestions to get me back online.

$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ v=2.2,m=FHW.P9.Q1.v2.5.2,b=2122
$FHH:u3SNg e=0
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ r=1
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ C=0
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ u=floathub
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ U=floathub
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ P=1
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ Z=0
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ z=1923
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ WiFi-IP:
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ AP-IP:
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ Mac: 500291689464
$FHH:u3SNg6Zo:2$ Uptime: 13.47 mins
$FHC:u3SNg6Zo:2$,T: NAN,P: NAN,N:00

I have made sure that the device configuration and the account API credentials are the same.

Any suggestions?


We are showing a protocol error at our end with bad air temperature and pressure values. These values come from the main board and are supplied by a couple of different Bosch chips.

The main mega code (not the ESP code) was probably compiled with


in version_defines.h:

Try with any of the others commented out instead (and comment out the BME280 one by putting two slashes in front). Next most common after the BME280 is the BMP280.


We should actually still be able to ingest the data (by just ignoring the bad fields for temperature and pressure) and will get that on our todo list. But you’d want to fix on your device in any case as otherwise you will be missing useful data.

Thanks for the update and we will keep an eye on data from that device at our end.

OK. So do I understand it such as I try different uploads with one BARO line uncommented at a time. Eg. this I just tried this:


A couple of notes - in case this helps in debugging:

  1. The floathub is currently inside on my desk - which means the GPS can’t get a fix. Is this ok?

  2. I re-read the instructions of your firmware process. One thing I didn’t do (couldn’t figure it out) was the changing of buffer sizes in the define.ino.

Ah, just got an alert from my floathub dashboard, seems like the fix worked.

Yes, we can confirm a single transmission from you, but it did include temp and pressure data (and no location info).

For the buffer size changes, you actually have to change the numbers in the Arduino software, not the floathub code. It’s most crucial for install that have a lot of NMEA-0183 input data and/or plan to do AIS relaying. Depending on your operation system, the Arduino software can be in a couple of different places. But wherever it is, within that main Arduino folder there should be directory trees like this:



Those are the files you need to edit to bump up the buffer sizes.


(I am on MacOS).