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Cellular Models Available

With lots of help from our backers and early beta testers, we are very pleased to announce that cellular versions of FloatHub are now available for general sale.

There are three versions of the cellular device:

  • 2G Worldwide
  • 3G Africa, Asia, and Europe
  • 3G Americas and Australia

If you are likely to be making long crossings between regions with your FloatHub, then the 2G version is recommended. Otherwise, the 3G version appropriate to your region is your best bet.

All units are $239 and require an enhanced (paid) service plan to send data over cellular networks. If you turn off or suspend enhanced service, the device will continue to send data over WiFi networks just like a classic (WiFi-only) FloatHub device.

We’ll be posting relevant FAQs as they come in. As always, any questions or comments are welcome.