BLE data integration

Hi there, I just came across your product and immediately bought one.

Been trying to build this for ages but gave up the second I saw it.

In the meantime, I’ve installed Bluetooth wind and battery monitors and wondered whether it was possible to bridge the gap somehow to save wiring.

I have some Raspberry Pi devices and similar.


If you have a Pi 3, they have bluetooth on board (although it can sometimes be a little difficult to get it configured). It should then be possible to forward NMEA wind data from the Pi to your FloatHub device via a NMEA-in wired serial connection. You’d also need a 3.3 to 5 voltage adapter, as the Pi puts out 3.3 volt (TTL) serial, and FloatHub expects RS-232/242 (5+ volt) serial. We can provide more info on that if you like. Of course this assume that the wind meter puts out NMEA sentences and not some other format specific to that device (and it’s related app).

Battery monitoring is harder to do without an actual wire from the FloatHub device to the battery in question. There is no general 0183-NMEA way of communicating battery or charge source levels. It would be interesting to capture the output of your battery monitor over Bluetooth and see how it is sending the data

Probably easier to just get one of these which outputs NMEA-0183 and sell the BLE one that only talks to it’s proprietary app.

I’d need to use my existing iMux since then I’d have:

  1. AIS (fast)
  2. depth
  3. wind

and you only have two inputs.

Yes, you would need to use a multiplexer to merge depth and wind and connect those to regular data in. The AIS would then go to the high speed data in terminals.