AIS targets on location screen

I am about a week into startup of my FloatHub. Seems to be working great, but I have a question: For the first several days my location screen was showing all the AIS targets in the area of my boat. But, now after several days, the AIS targets are gone. I still see nearby vessels with FloatHub.

  • Where were the AIS targets coming from? I’m pretty sure I turned off my AIS when I left the boat. Does FloatHub have an AIS receiver?

You were almost certainly seeing AIS data from other FloatHub users. Anyone who has AIS data can elect to share it with other FloatHub users in the sharing section:


The Sharing Section options seem to refer to sharing data from my boat with others. Do I have a way to block data incoming from other boats? I may decide I don’t trust data from other boats.

On the web interface there is currently no option to ignore other vessel’s publicly shared data. On the app, you can choose to ignore other FloatHub vessels and/or AIS data (in the setting section).

Yes, I did find the option on the App. I wish it would be made available when using a PC as well.