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AIS Forwarding Setup

Hi, I have enabled the sharing of AIS data to
However, I would like to route this to a specific port on to be able to see the station stats. (I am a Marine Traffic station owner).
I guess I could use UDP to route the local UDP traffic to the relevant external IP/port, but I guess this would send all NMEA traffic and not just the AIS PGNs? There are separate tick-boxes for NMEA and AIS but I’d like to keep the full NMEA traffic on my boat wifi.
I guess the Marinetraffic server will just ignore the irrelevant PGNs but I wonder if there might be a smart way to filter it.
Perhaps it will require a new feature allowing the user to setup a specific IP/port combination for AIS PGNs?

hanks for the feedback. We do have a way to set this up for you, but we require that you email us with the IP address and port number that MarineTraffic assigned you. We prefer to have a human-mediated step in the process to make sure we are sending good data to Marine Traffic. More details on that are available here:

Thanks again for the feedback, and please let us know if you have any other questions.