Additional Data Suggestions

I am a new user and love what I see here but I don’t have my device yet. I started work on a “Universal Marine Instrument” monitor design in 2005, when I was a fulltime captain, but never completed the design. I was using a Mega to monitor up to three engines and two generators plus a keypad for passenger vessel trip and crew data input (see out of date NavCal Products ). Based on my research on monitoring analog gauges with a gauge panel mockup I suggest for now:

For a single engine boat, the following input uses:

D1 Bilge pump, D2 Engine RPMs from a D to A converter, and D3 to a series of normally closed hatch switches for a security system. E1 Oil pressure, E2 Cooling water temperature, E3 Fuel level sensor, F1 Engine battery, E2 House battery, E3 Current sensor using a 100 Amp, 75 MV shunt and circuity that I will develop. For gauges you can connect at the sender or the S terminal on the analog gauge.

I will get back on the project design and share my results with Thor. In the meantime, if you have questions or suggestions, please email For my free YouTube videos see River/Navigation Videos - Sailing TOUCAN .