Raspberry pi setup?


Appears as telnet can’t connect. Any suggestions as to what I should try?

If it’s really not connecting, as in telnet says something like:

Trying ::1...
telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection refused
telnet: connect to address Connection refused
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host

then it would appear that kplex is not running (at least not on port 2000).

If it connects, but is just not doing anything, then it may be the data source or kplex USB configuration.

I did a reboot and kplex is running fine now. The command worked! How long should I expect to see the data being used on the floathub homepage? Are you able to see anything being received on your end?

Ton of AIS data coming through, yes. We expire AIS targets after 60 minutes.

Checking on your own (non-AIS) data …

No non AIS data yet.

Are you using FloatHub ID starting with mj4 ?

Do you have a local GPS source for location info?

Got one for with a time stamp of (UTC):

2019-06-08 21:27:29

Yes I’m using that ID.

I am receiving data on the floathub home page now, GPS and otherwise. There is a Vesper AIS that records GPS along with everything else.

By expire AIS targets, would that mean that the homepage display data would not be available after 60 minutes?

The Vesper AIS is the only device supplying data to the raspberry pi so there may not be any non AIS data.

The sfh process relays two kinds of data:

  1. AIS data, which is a summary of info about other vessels. We don’t show this info on the FloatHub website if it is more than 60 minutes old.

  2. NMEA data about your vessel. Whatever you pass to sfh (GPS location, wind state, sea state, etc.) it will mark that up with your FloatHub ID. You’ll then be able to see that on the FloatHub website from your account for at least 24 hours (more with enhanced/paid monitoring).

I see. Thank you for your help!

One more thing, is there any way for others to view the floathub data remotely besides giving the account info?

Sure thing.

You can make your location public on your sharing settings:


and then anyone with a floathub account will be able to see your location and some summary data about your vessel.

Hi, floathub was working flawlessly for a while, but for some reason it is having issues connecting to localhost and port. Any idea what could be the issue?

You’d want to check that kplex is still running, probably by with a:

telnet localhost 2000

(Depending on whether you have changed your configuration at all). That would at least let you know if the problem is with SoftFloatHub (sfh) or with kplex.

It appears that kplex is not running as I receive a connection refused. Is there anyway to run kplex manually without doing a reboot?

You shold be able to just run:


as per the invocation instructions here:


Note the “-d 9” option to print tons of debugging information about what kplex is doing


Is this normal?

It is probably just timing out from no data, and so trying to reset the connection. If you telnet to kplex on port 2000, are you seeing any nmea data?


Just this

That would suggest that while kplex is running, it has no data to display. So either it is misconfigured (i.e. does not know where to get data from) or its data source is not sending any data. I believe you said you a Vesper AIS connected via serial. Is it on and functioning? Is kplex configured to read from the correct USB connection for the Vesper?


Configuration should be fine and the Vesper is on.

Config looks good. Are you sure the Vesper is on /dev/ttyUSB0? What happens if you do a:

 sudo dmesg | grep USB